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5 in 1 Electric Manicure / Pedicure Set


This Electric Cordless Manicure/Pedicure Nail File will provide you a salon experience while staying at home by effortlessly keeping toenails and finger nails perfect.


  • Includes 5 interchangeable attachments that could handle polishing, shaping, sharpening, cuticles, callus, dead skin, etc

  • Versatile device, polishes nails to perfection

  • Can be used on both natural and acrylic nails

  • Convenient built-in LED light

  • Comes in two colors: Golden or Purple


1 x Automatic nail file drill device
1 x Travel Case
1 x User Manual
1 x Carborundum grinder: removes the dead skin cells around the the nail edge
1 x White corundum grinder: polishes the nail surface for a smoother and nicer look
1 x Felt grinder: Polishes the nail for a natural and shiny surface
1 x Chromium corundum grinder: grinds down the edge
1 x Sandpaper grinder: quickly grinds the nail edge into your desired shape


1. Please do not soak the device in water.
2. Two AAA batteries are needed (not included).